Minecraft Texture Packs 1.2.5 : Muddy’s Ultra Pack V1.2.zip

April 20, 2012 |

Minecraft Texture Packs 1.2.5 :  Muddy’s Ultra Pack V1.2.zip you will create the Metropolis. You will design the city plant and management area in the city. You create rules and laws for your people. Create working zone and Residential zone.
May be you can create the green zone in your city it’s make your city will don’t have only the big building and concrete road the green zone can fill full the life in the city to much. You can design the building to have beautiful design and beautiful colors. And put the hill in the town and the clean road. Be careful about traffic jam and the pollution in the air and the water for the good heath of your people in your town. Build the theater and cinemas in the town for your people will enjoy. Create the department store and the plaza to entertain. Build school and college for high education and skillful workers. Build the stadium and sport complex for support your  Athlete and sporting in your city. Build the Fire station playground and the park for the children and the resident can come to rest. Don’t forget the police station, Fire station, Hospital, Bank, post office, Train station ,Market and everything to essential of your people in the city.


For Installing Minecraft Texture Packs not for Skins:


Step 1) Dowload Texture Packs by clicking the above Link

Step 2) Type %appdata%

Step 3) Open .minecraft

Step 4) Open /texture packs

Step 5) Drop the texture pack into /texture packs

Step 6) Let's Test the Current Texture Packs

Step 7) Enjoy!

****** Don't forget to backup before installing the Mod or The textures *******


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