Minecraft Texture Packs 1.2.5 : HD Texutre Pack

April 16, 2012 |

Back to the future to the time of B.C. The human start to build the Architecture on his land. Somewhere building the pyramid. You can create your landmark on the coast and desert. You can design the Structure

Minecraft Texture Packs 1.2.5  HD Texutre Pack

for inside or outside the pyramid and set the area around the landmark. You can use a many stone cubic create and make the way and the room in your pyramid. May be you will make your tomb or treasury inside

the pyramid. At the inside you can make the maze for may have somebody come
to steal something in the future. Just the pyramid is not enuogh  you must create a few big sculpture extra. One of the Pasha may be you warrior with the weapon and it’s must to look to have skillful. And the other sculpture may be look like your loyalty  pasha and other sculpture will be a your minister. You can draw your history and story on the

wall for next generation have to knows about the history. The sculpture must to high and can see from far away. Between the sculptures you will make the long road for connect sculpture to sculpture and pyramid

to sculpture. On the side of the road you can put a many lamp for walking in the night time.


For Installing Minecraft Texture Packs not for Skins:


Step 1) Dowload Texture Packs by clicking the above Link

Step 2) Type %appdata%

Step 3) Open .minecraft

Step 4) Open /texture packs

Step 5) Drop the texture pack into /texture packs

Step 6) Let's Test the Current Texture Packs

Step 7) Enjoy!

****** Don't forget to backup before installing the Mod or The textures *******


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