Minecraft Texture pack 1.2.5 : Troll pack

May 30, 2012 |

Minecraft Texture pack 1.2.5 : Troll pack —– Click at link download button under here and install to set up to your computer. You will have to fun and enjoy. You will create the land and a many detail. To set the corral the unreleased the an the monster and the animal ; ghost ,devil ,beast or creature .

Don’t let it to attack anybody. You must to lease it in the strong corral. You will build the hill and the forest around the hill. In the forest to have the water fall and water form passing into the stream. In the side of the stream have a many stone and in the water will have some fish. In the forest will to have some bird and wild animal. Near the hill you will create the cliff and may be have cave on the cliff.  You will create the farm what to have barn ,house and farm land. You will set the village and to have some villagers who is working in the farm. You will protect the villager form the harm by monster and wild animal who will intruding in the village and destroy the peace of the village. You can get the material box and  weapon into your inventory box. And you will use every form the inventory for create the object in the land and fighting with the enemy


For Installing Minecraft Texture Packs not for Skins:


Step 1) Dowload Texture Packs by clicking the above Link

Step 2) Type %appdata%

Step 3) Open .minecraft

Step 4) Open /texture packs

Step 5) Drop the texture pack into /texture packs

Step 6) Let's Test the Current Texture Packs

Step 7) Enjoy!

****** Don't forget to backup before installing the Mod or The textures *******


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